Josie (2014)

  • Directed by Derek Young
  • Young Productions
  • Shaundi Li Draven: Josie
  • Category: acting

From the moment Josie was born you could already tell something was just not quite right. As time goes on you can tell there is more to her than meets the eye. Josie gets put in a psych ward after stabbing her mother. Inside she is raped by one of the employees. Eventually he comes back for more. Josie kills him and escapes with one thing in mind…..REVENGE. This project will stand to be the Halloween for a new generation with a female killer. 

This project will also be a homage to David Hess who helped write the screenplay and was suppose to star in the film. Derek is right now adding in scenes that will include a funeral scene with what was suppose to be David’s character. Also his son Jesse will essentially look like David for part of the film. Eventually taking over his fathers business. During the funeral scene there will be a David Hess original song. A song he recorded for his last album. Of course sadly David never got to complete that album..