Shaundi looks like she has a bright future ahead of her in 2013. As of January, she is beginning to get noticed worldwide! Earlier this month she was sent a script for a comedy television show in UK that Shaundi is planning to audition for and she was recently offered to play the lead in martial arts movie: The Phantom Kill! She will also be filming the feature films: Pyschotic State and Josie this year. Shaundi still has her Slasher 3D callback to go to as well. Both the filmaker, Romane Simon and SAS Studios want to work with Shaundi whenever she returns to California again. Her modeling carreer is also looking up this year as she is performing a runway show this month and is currently in the talks of modeling for Display Mode Magazine, Rough Diamond Studios, Paragon Photography, Nathan Cinematography, Robert Contreras, and Uriah Darby so far!